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You and your wealth need to be in safe hands. The focus of our service is the long-term management of your wealth on an impartial basis. What this means is: everything revolves around your needs and your expectations. We, as experienced independent wealth managers, accept that you alone determine how we devise and execute your investment strategy. Our starting point is your individual risk profile which we carefully discuss with you at the start of the relationship and commit to in writing. But continuity and stability are equally important. We promise a durable personal relationship between a client and his portfolio manager, possibly lasting decades.

While bank employees are usually responsible for several hundred accounts, a portfolio manager at Invest-Partners generally looks after a manageable number of thirty to forty clients. This strengthens your confidence in us and enables us to offer personalised solutions for each individual client. Our independence means that we are not restricted to individual banks and their products and are free to select from the whole spectrum of investments.

Our firm and our concept have attracted clients of very different nationalities and cultures. It is based on a “partnership triangle” of client, Invest-Partners and custodian bank. Our firm, headquartered in the Swiss financial centre of Zurich, stands for a high level of stability and trust spanning generations. In addition to the classic discretionary portfolio management mandate we also offer active advisory mandates on request. Here we support our clients with ideas and advice to help them reach suitable investment decisions. Thanks to our independence we are also qualified to give a professional second opinion on the composition of a portfolio, for example on a monthly or quarterly basis.

For discretionary portfolio mandates we charge an annual management fee for our services. In return, our clients enjoy reduced bank charges as we have negotiated attractive terms for them with our partner banks both within and outside Switzerland. In this way a portfolio managed by Invest-Partners usually works out to be cheaper, on balance, than a traditional portfolio management structure at a bank.


Invest-Partners Wealth Management Ltd was founded in 2002 by Thomas Stricker, the present CEO. Switzerland, where we are based, is and remains a refuge of political, economic and social stability. The firm now has more than twenty partners and has had an established presence in the market as a network of independent portfolio managers for more than a decade.

Our offices at Talacker 35 lie in the heart of Zurich, just a few minutes on foot from Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse. Our partner banks are carefully selected, reputable financial institutions in Switzerland as well as elsewhere.

We are subject to supervision under the Anti money Laundering Act by VQF, the leading, officially FINMA-recognised and supervised self-regulatory organisation (SRO). In addition, we are member of the BOVV VQF, the industry organisation for independent asset managers.

Over twenty independent portfolio managers currently form Invest-Partners (not all partners are shown). Every one has many years of private client banking experience. Each of us is multilingual and has considerable expertise in a range of specialist areas. Collectively we form a valuable knowledge pool which can be freely accessed by each partner.

Andy Aeschbach Heinz Blank Eduard Criscione Achim Jung Markus Keller  
Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner  
Bruno Locher Jürg Looser Anatol Müller Raymond Oswald Nicholas Rose  
Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner  
Nik Siegrist Peter Spring Michael Suchanek Max Weber    
Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner Senior Partner    

The management and its administrative team form the “hard core“ of Invest-Partners.

They are supported by a highly efficient back office organisation with sophisticated risk management and risk monitoring tools.

Each member of the team plays his or her part in ensuring that the entire network is run professionally and complies with the latest regulations. As a result the management team takes great care when selecting new partners. We look in particular for personal integrity, high standards of service and entrepreneurial flair in order to ensure the continual above-average quality of our independent portfolio managers.

Thomas Stricker Mario Pfiffner Damian Laprévote      
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Invest-Partners Wealth Management AG
Talacker 35, Postfach 2435
CH-8022 Zurich / Switzerland

Telefon +41 (0)44 202 16 82
Fax +41 (0)44 202 16 81

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